Wine By The Glass

We Are Still Trading

No entry into store (for yours and our safety)

Order at the window for Coffee,wine and local beers or Phone Text shop 0406 275 625 pick up/delivery

Please keep safe and can’t wait to be serving our customers wine and beer by the glass again.

Take away Wine Menu

Call shop 9580 621 for the whole range of wines and beers

Pick up or Delivery (min 4 bottles postcodes 3194,3195,3196)

For Delivery please text or phone 0419 378 168

or text/call the shop 0406 275 625 for other wines, beers

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Paxton Rose $22.50

Jack and Jill Rose $22.50

Pizzini Rosetta $21.60

Tournon Mathilda Chap Rose $20.70

Sam Miranda Rose $18.00

Gipsie Jack Rose $19.80

Wildflower Rose $18.00

Pinot Noir

Cannibal Creek Pinot Noir $34.20

Tibooburra Solitude Pinot Noir $31.50

Stumpy Gully Pinot Noir $26.10

Foxeys Hangout Pinot Noir $33.30

Snobs Creek Pinot Noir $25.20

Crittenden Pinot Noir $30.60

Dexter Pinot Noir $47.70

Holm Oak Protege Pinot Noir $22.50

Soumah Pinot Noir $26.10

El Desperado Pinot Noir $20.70

Montalto Pennon Pinot Noir $29.70

Little Goat Creek Pinot Noir $22.50

Airlie Bank Yarra Valley Pinot Noir $21.60


Gibson The Smithy Shiraz Cab $31.50

Woodstock deep sands Shiraz $19.80

Wise Shiraz $18.00

Sullivan's Rockridge Shiraz $16.20

Mt Monster Shiraz $16.20

Passing Clouds Graemes Blend $31.50

Snobs Creek Shiraz $23.40

Geppetto Shiraz $22.50

Bass Line Shiraz $24.30

Brave Souls Whaler Shiraz $24.30

Thompson Four Chambers Shiraz $21.60

Greenstone Gusto Shiraz $22.50

Yelland & Papps Shiraz $24.30

Barossa Bourne Shiraz Cab $26.10

Mr Mick Shiraz $16.20

Woodvale Spring Gardens Shiraz $27.00

Tait Border Crossing Shiraz $22.50

Mike Press Shiraz $17.00

LLOYD Bros The Presshouse Shiraz $20.70

Noble Red Shiraz $25.20

Croquet Heathcote Shiraz $21.60

Purple Hands Shiraz $27.00

Monterra Shiraz $22.50


Reillys Watervale Riesling $21.60

Ian Leamon Riesling $21.60

Frankland Estate Riesling $28.80

Mr Mick Riesling $17.00

Heaston Estate Riesling $26.00

Ryder Riesling $15.00


Fowles Small Batch Chardonnay $20.00

Greirson Chardonnay $22.50

Mt Monster Chardommay $18.00

Camelback Galli Chardonnay $23.00

Foxeys Hangout Chardonnay $33.30

Forester Estate Lifestyle Chardonnay $25.00

Crittenden Estate Chardonnay $30.60

Chirping Bird Chardonnay $31.00

Heidenreich Old School Chard $22.00

Cannibal Creek Chardonnay $32.00